Malpert Insurance prides itself in superior service to our producers. Our licensed agents specialize in Multi-Peril Crop Insurance, Crop Hail, Livestock and Forage coverage to cover all of your crop insurance needs.

  • We have 4 fully licensed agents. 4 people to write coverage, put in claims, and answer your questions.
  • We print and provide FSA maps in color to simplify your acreage reporting process.
  • We will assist you with your acreage reporting before you go to FSA as well as review the FSA acreage report after you have visited FSA. We don't just send it home with you to complete. We help you utilize your Precision mapping tools that you have invested in, to help back up your crop insurance reporting. We can provide a map based booklet if that is your preference for acreage and production reporting.
  • We maintain extensive check and balance procedures in our office to prevent errors. Your policy is handled by two sets of eyes whenever changes are made to verify accuracy.
  • We will be with you in the field throughout your entire hail claim so you can rest assured your hail claim is being handled properly.
  • We maintain your file and keep a copy of your original production evidence. So, in the event you need the history or are picked for an audit you won't have to find the needed records.
  • We assess the ever changing crop insurance rules so we can advise you on how they will affect our farms and yours.
  • We hold a private meeting with you to go discuss your policy each year.
  • From planting the seed through harvesting and marketing your crop, we aim to keep you covered. We see you through every step of the way.