Yet this procedure has been described by critics as an unnecessary and potentially dangerous medical intervention. Caesarean section. A cesarean section is a common surgical procedure performed on pregnant women who cannot safely give birth the natural way. Join our Community group, C-section Mommies. As the name itself implies, during natural birth, the baby is born through the birth canal. Hospitals report on their rate of C-sections for first-time mothers giving birth to a single baby, at … Plan for VBAC by really aiming for the vaginal birth, making a birth plan for your vaginal birth, hire a doula because with a doula you lower your C-section rate by 40% because you really are aware of all kinds of risks and also you have a better chance of having the birth that you want in terms of maybe less medication, good positioning and staying at home a long time so you’re relaxed. When you know more about C-Sections, they aren't so scary after all. My Birth Story: A C-Section Birth. Albion Z section purlins are manufactured by cold roll forming pre-hot dipped galvanised steel S450 having a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 450N/mm2 and a Z275 galvanised coating. However, sometimes a caesarean section is the safest route for the health of the birthing person and baby. A day we will never forget. Google the term “C-section debate,” and you’re more likely to find women calling it a trauma than celebrating a healthy birth. A scar on the uterus after a cesarean section causes a long break between the events and the next birth (if you plan two or more pregnancies), since during contractions at the next birth the contractions of the uterine muscle layer are so strong that the scar in some cases (according to statistics 1-2 %) does not stand up and breaks. Until the C-section delivery started being offered by maternity hospitals, this has been the only method … Cesarean Birth: Birth of a fetus from the uterus through an incision (cut) made in the woman’s abdomen.. Kegel Exercises: Pelvic muscle exercises.Doing these exercises helps with bladder and bowel control as well as sexual function. December 23, 2018 December 23, 2018 maycijones My Story birth story, C-section, C-section birth, giving birth. A general term for this is “non-reassuring fetal testing.” Sometimes administering oxygen, changing the mother’s position, or giving her large amounts of fluid through her IV can help this situation. Whether you’re expecting a planned cesarean or want a backup plan you’re comfortable with, it’s worth exploring how family-centered cesarean might fit into your plans. This is known as a planned (or elective) C-section. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. “I respectfully request the following procedures during my planned cesarean birth/should a cesarean be necessary, assuming that my baby and I are healthy at the time of delivery and are not experiencing any unforeseen complications.”. Please remember that I can hear what is being said during the birth, and will carry memories of it for many years.”, “I do not want my arms strapped down during the operation.”, “I would like the IV catheter, oximeter, and blood pressure cuff all placed on my (non-dominant) arm to give me a completely free arm to touch my baby.”, “I would like ECG leads to be placed on my back, to make my chest free for skin-to-skin contact.”, “I’d like a non-drowsy, anti-nausea med if possible (i.e. Twenty-five percent of babies are delivered by cesarean section. One in four babies born in the United States and Europe comes into the world via Cesarean section. After anesthesia has taken effect, the provider makes a cut in the mother’s lower abdomen, and then a second incision in her uterus. If I am physically unable to hold my baby with support, I would like my partner/other support person to hold the baby.”, “Please don’t swaddle my baby or put a hat on him/her while he/she is skin-to-skin. 2012. We know, we all are one. Aluminum Formed Z-Section is an aerospace shape that is formed from an aluminum sheet, either roll formed or brake formed. See our cookie policy for more information, podcast interview on family-centered cesarean, What To Know About Nursing Past 12 Months, See our cookie policy for more information, “I would like my (choose more than one if desired) partner/other support person/doula present in the OR during the birth.”, “I would like to have music of my choice playing during the operation (if not an emergency cesarean).”, “I would like my partner/other support person/doula to be able to take pictures and/or video during the birth.”, “I would request that the talk in the operating room among my providers focus primarily on the birth, and not traffic, sports, weekend plans, etc. This type of anesthesia does make mom unconscious during the procedure. Some women choose, or elect, to have a C-section for non-medical reasons, including: Profound fear of childbirth: A small number of women have an extreme fear of childbirth.While almost all pregnant women are anxious or scared about giving birth, this level of fear is much greater. [Accessed January 2016] NICE. I honestly think this whole "birth experience" bollocks is … C-section Birth. This question I have heard so many times from friends, colleges and family. Other moms may need to have this procedure done, even though they have elected to give natural birth. Whether you've scheduled a C-section, or you want to be prepared "just in case," our Cesarean Goals Checklist is a great way to start talking with your partner and medical team about how you'd like to experience the birth … Family-centered cesarean is an emerging trend in cesarean birth, which sometimes goes by the names “gentle cesarean” or “natural cesarean.”  It’s an effort to make cesarean birth more respectful of families’ emotional and physical needs, and elements of it are catching on in many hospitals. But as with anything, knowledge is power. But you may need some extra monitoring during labour just to make sure everything is progressing well. Indeed, such a medical procedure, scientifically known as a caesarean section, consists in a surgical incision in the mum's abdomen and uterus that is carried out when the vaginal birth is risky for the mother, the baby or both. It’s a good idea to be prepared emotionally and intellectually just in case it’s necessary for you to have a Cesarean delivery. In the past, we posted a podcast interview on family-centered cesarean, and thought we’d share some ideas for how to write a birth plan which reflects these ideas. For every positive vaginal birth experience there will be someone who had a very difficult time and/or suffered fairly serious injury. Advances in regional anesthesia mean that in some cases, moms can be awake and aware during the cesarean delivery. For women who delivered their first baby by cesarean section, delivering a second baby also by C-section may be somewhat safer for both mother and baby than a vaginal birth, a new study reveals. I may need help to do this. They call him daddy and everything. Some women may be advised to have another caesarean if they have another baby. NICE Guidelines, CG132. C-section births are a hot topic within the parenting world. Or you may choose to have an elective repeat c-section , although you'll want to weigh this option carefully, especially if you plan to have more children. NHS Choices, Health A-Z. So plan ahead if these things are important to you, and discuss these ideas well in advance of your birth. You still went through that burden and trial of bringing fourth a child, so in my opinion AND technically, it is still "giving birth" if you have a C section. To keep us warm, once my baby is on my chest you can cover both of us with a warm blanket.”, “I would like to have the opportunity to breastfeed in the OR. Many women have done it. Zofran).”, “I do not want to have the surgical drape form a ‘tent’ over my head, making me feel trapped or isolated from other people and the birth.”, “I would like to use a mirror/have the drape lowered/use a clear surgical drape so that I can see my baby being born.”, “I would appreciate a warm blanket during surgery if possible.”, “I would like you to ask me ‘Are you ready to have your baby now?’ before operating.”, “Please explain the surgery to me as it happens.”, “I would like to have a slow delivery, with the intent of simulating the ‘vaginal squeeze’.”, “I would like for my partner/support person to be the one who announces the sex of the baby, even if I already know what it is.”, “If possible, please keep the umbilical cord long for my partner to cut while baby is in my arms.”, “I would like to see and touch the placenta and cord.”, “If possible I would like the cord to continue pulsing after the birth so that my baby may start breathing on his/her own while still attached to the placenta.”, “I would like the baby to go directly to my chest as quickly as possible.”, “I would like all newborn tests, measurements, and procedures performed with the baby on my chest, not in the warmer.”, “I would like to hold my baby skin-to-skin in the OR.

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