Temporarily but significantly increases a servitor's P. Effect 2. Requires 16 Crystals: D-Grade. Power 39. Crystal to summon - Requires 5 D-Grade crystals and periodically consumes 3 additional for 14 times. Shape your journey in Lineage II by creating a unique avatar from a selection of 7 unique races leading you to a path of more than 30 potential classes you can evolve into. Residence Body: Increases Max. Temporarily increases servitor's M. Def. Skill Enchanting. Summons a Shadow. The majority of them are skills used for sieges and raids. Enter the classic world of Lineage II and rediscover the magic of how it all began. Phantom Cubic uses magic that decreases P. Atk, P. Def, and Atk. Summons Phantom Cubic for party members. Mass Resurrection (1) Active Magical: 243: 0: 36000: Resurrect a dead clan member. Requires 7 Crystals: D-Grade. Consumes 3 Spirit Ore. Summons party members to your location. of a targeted enemy. Add new page. Forgotten Spellbook Chapter 3 to learn skill … Lineage 2 Forums; Classic Forums; ... For 60 seconds, blocks target from using escape items and skills. Spark Cubic uses magic that stuns a targeted enemy. 90 percent of acquired Exp is consumed. Summons Spark Cubic. Spark Cubic uses magic that stuns a targeted enemy. Servitor is immobilized for the duration of the skill effect. ; A list of all help pages can be found in Category:Help pages. Takes away 3 percent of earned Exp. Summons Spark Cubic. Par Daynos de Nory, Ambregris. Each Forgotten Power skill has 30 levels in total. Skill Learn requirement changes The following lvl 80- skills. Lineage 2 All Fortresses Skills. Edit … Crystals to summon - Requires 2 C-grade crystals and consumes 2 at regular intervals for 14 times. Effect 2. Dark Dragon Lineage 2 skill tree. Pre-Frenzy. 3. Effect 2. "target=_blank>